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                                       It seemed like a normal day at the leaf village, well until the anbu got hold of valuable information. “Lady Tsunade we have urgent news” said the anbu squad leader. “Well spill it, what did you find out on your mission” Tsunade said with anxiousness in her voice. “It appears we have found the hide out of Orochimaru, we have set a seal in his lair and I think we can use the instant teleportation jutsu to infiltrate his lair”. “Out of the Question, that jutsu is still in development”. “I know my lady that the technique is dangerous but I have collected a group of shinobi who will risk there life for this mission”. Tsunade looked down at her desk in worry, her head then rose and she began to speak in a calm assuring voice. “Fine you have my permission”.

                                   “No Naruto it is a slumber party meaning only for girls…what a perv, you have been hanging around Jiraya for too long” Said Sakura in a threatening voice to Naruto. “No way am I like pervy sage” then Naruto began to imagine Sakura in sexy sleep ware, his face began to radiate a bright red. “What are you thinking about, IT BETTER NOT BE ANYTHING DIRTY!” Sakura yelled while pummeling naruto into the dirt. Sakura began to walk away and prepare for her slumber party. Naruto was left unconscious for about an hour. He finally awoke in a daze, “Man she hits hard…hey what is that”. Naruto looked as a group of anbu began to gather. “All right boys are you ready this is it we are going to finally take out Orochimaru, NOW! Perform the jutsu”. “Orochimaru… that means Sasuke, they will find Sasuke, I have to go too”. The jutsu was activated and naruto began to run to the group of ninja. A light suddenly began to flash and all five of the shinobi including naruto have disappeared.
                               Naruto was blacked out for a while, and unaware of what had just happened. Naruto awoke in amazement of his surroundings. “Wow where are we… this can’t be the hideout “Naruto said in a low toned voice. “ Oh NO! the jutsu failed”, said one of the shinobi. The shinobi began to look around and panic, then Suddenly the ground began to rumble with seismic force. Naruto began to look around noticing something odd about the surrounding. “Hey…hey did we shrink”. “That can’t be” said the anbu leader. The floor continued to rumble and the rest of the team realized that naruto’s assumption was correct. Everything was in fact bigger than usual; the shinobi didn’t want to believe what had happened to them. A door then swung Open sending a heavy gust at the tiny shinobi. Naruto looked in amazement as Sakura walked from beyond the door. The crowed was in awe of the gigantic beauty. The tiny men were close to microscopic size compared to her frame. One of the shinobi began to panic, “we…we are…are GOING TO DIE!” He began to run to the kitchen in fear, but this would take him much longer than usual. The others stood behind ogling the colossal teen.

                         She was wearing a short yet loose silky white tee, which revealed her flat stomach and naval. She was wearing pink athletic shorts which emphasized the shape of her huge posterior. She was in pink ankle socks, which exposed the shape of her perfect toes. More stomping was coming closer to the tiny party. Hinata then entered the room. She was wearing white and green striped PJs, even though they seemed too big because they were falling off her body revealing her bare right shoulder and black bra strap. she was also bare foot with violet pedicure and manicured nails. The shinobi were completely paralyzed looking up at, but will never be able to see the complete body of the gigantic girls. Voices were booming closer and closer. The door swung open once again. Tenten walked in wearing a tight black tang top, which seems to have added a sexy round shape to her bust area. She is also wearing long white pajama pants and black flip flops. Both her finger and toe nails are painted an arousing peach color. Ino stepped in behind her conversing with the girls’ right when she entered the room. She is wearing a tight blue shirt that like sakuras shirt reveals her stomach. She is also wearing tight blue shorts, which came down low revealing some of her bare crouch area. She walked barefoot with gorgeous healthy feet, her finger and toe nails were long, sexy and painted sky blue.
this is kind of the prolouge of this story, please enjoy and follow it it gets really interesting and i am sure you will like it.
joe025 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Can I have this story and continue it on another site? if your not going to continue it id like to steal the concept thanks to this story having gotten me into the ass crush scene
cjhell Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
make more
BlackMage-13 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009
Story: Good so far
Idea: Original-ish
Grammar: Not so good.
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