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                        this is my first story. i thought it would be fun to make one so here it is

      It was a normal day in the leaf village, but as the villagers and the whole world will soon see things will not be so normal. “Aw man it’s so dusty in here” said Sakura “why does lady tsunade have me working on files… I should be out there helping Naruto and squad 10 on their mission”. Sakura suddenly began to walk to the corner of the room and sat down on the hard wood floor with a depressed and disappointing look on her face. “I know those rouge ninjas are pretty strong but…but I know I can help”. “Wait a minute, these files can help… that’s it” (while gathering books and scrolls). Three hours have passed since Sakura’s began her research. “Come on there has to be a jutsu that can help me become stronger, wait what’s this… gigantean jutsu” (she read with intrigue and bliss in her eyes). Her eyes were scrolling the page and then she began to smile, then she raised her arms in the air as if she won a competition. “This is it the jutsu that will make me stronger, it is powerful, needs little chakra, and can only be used by females”.

                       Sakura began to perform the necessary hand signs for the gigantean jutsu. “Okay so nothing happened…just great, wait let me try it out side maybe then it will work”. Sakura ran until she reached the gates to the forest of death. All of a sudden Sakura collapsed to the ground withering in pain. “What is happening… it hurts so badly”.  Her vision was becoming blurry then everything went black.  Sakura awoke five minutes later to realize that her surroundings have dramatically changed. “What is going on where…where am I”? Sakura stood and yawned into the sky. “I am beet I should go soak my feet in the river and relax…stupid jutsu all it did was transport me”. She began to slowly walk looking for the river.
                     Meanwhile in the village, thunderous tremors swept the village. The villagers were worried and confused about what was happening. Suddenly a gigantic shadow cascaded over the villagers. “Look up” said a villager. The villagers and the buildings surrounding them were over shadowed by what can only be described as a gigantic foot. The hovering foot began to slowly descend upon the village and its people. Everybody began to scream and shout “run, this can’t be happening, it’s a giant kunoichi, is that Harun…” there was a great silence as soon as the foot was planted on the village. The surviving area of the village looked as the village was crushed under the balls of colossal feet. Gigantic pink pedicured toes then came down on top of the villages shopping district. The mighty toes began to curl, the buildings began to buckle and collapse, the people and streets began to flatten and grinded between and under the massive toes of the goddess. The soles began to rise gradually from the compressed earth; debris began to fall to the earth crushing anything left standing. Sakura looked down to see her right foot planted into the leaf village. “Wow … I guess the jutsu worked after all” (she said with a surprise on her face and disapproval in her voice). “I…I can’t believe what I did in just one step, I have defiantly become the strongest kunoichi ever” (she said with a smile and pleasure in her voice)
my first story. plz tell me how i did.
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redacegod350 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
I'd rather her growth had been slower and a whole lot more detailed,but it was still good :thumbsup:
BakaSanji Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Nice start, please more ^^
awesomex18 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
Great job!!!!!

Make sure to check this post on the other site...I gave ya a free edit of this chapter! You can do whatever you want with it, but I thought I should do something for ya for your first story since you've done countless collages for me in the past.

Keep up the great collages...and now stories!!!!!
haloichigo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
thanks alot dude. i will learn from your improvements.
awesomex18 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
No prob dude! Keep your Sakura story going...It's really good!

Also, would you like some quick edits of your Tiny Ichigo story too? It's the least I can do for you after you've done all those collage requests for me.

And if you're online right now, wanna AIM chat right now? What's your screenname if you've signed up for it?
madgod77 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
wow great one =D
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